Innuendo, Untruths, Fantasies and Wishful Thinking

GARYTALK.COM (11/04/2016) – It seems, the closer we get to the day the Presidential Election takes place, the campaign messages from candidates, PACs, and candidate surrogates become even greater bags of wind, so to speak. The Innuendo, Untruths, Fantasies and Wishful Thinking become even less easier to take. It seems, sometimes, that the plan reflects the idea that the truth really is not important when it comes to convincing voters to place their mark after your name on ballots.

garytalk_garywords_darker-green-background_As the day draws nearer, the more often you see, hear and read anything that sounds like information trying to persuade you to not vote for someone, or to vote for someone else, instead, you can bet it’s probably not even worth paying attention to. I’ve gone through many election seasons in my lifetime, so far, and hope to go through many more before the final curtain is drawn, but, I’m not sure any of the previous years have seen as many Fact Checks.

I will be happy when November 8th, 2016 voting is finished and the results show who will sit in the White House Oval Office. Here we are, less than a week away from the day, and I’m getting really fed up with the number of television commercials, one after another, interrupting my peace of mind while trying to watch my favorite shows.

It wouldn’t be so bad, if most of the ads were useful in making an intelligent decision, but, most of the spots are filled with untruths, fantasies, and downright, crap! This election season has led to a distasteful, nightmare of innuendo, bigotry, hateful rhetoric and generalities bordering on wishful thinking, in attempts to discredit political opponents.

Unfortunately, to make things worse, there are way too many people who further the spreading of lies by posting and re-posting the junk they see in their Facebook News Feeds and what they see on TV and read elsewhere. By doing so, they are giving credit to inaccuracies that misinform their Friends and Followers. It is all, so very sad.

Gary W. MorganWhat is surprising to me, is, some of the people who are spreading the nonsense, are among those whom I respect and normally hold with admiration. Some of them are my friends and family members. It seems, politics, elections, reality or lack thereof, sometimes unhinges some people from the intelligence one expects from them.

At any rate, I will be pleased when all of the nonsense that accompanies the Presidential Election Season is behind us, and you and I can once again be content being part of the Land Of The Free for four years.

Except, the way things look, the divide that has eroded all sense of pride in the democratic process we call the United States of America, might not heal after the results of the election are known when the sun rises November 9, 2016.

If you haven’t voted yet, please exercise the most important part of being a United States Citizen. I know you’ve probably heard it a million times, but, this election may be, really, the most important election in modern history. It’s true, many of us would prefer to have a better candidate field to select from, but, for one, I could not for a minute, find it within me to vote for The Donald.

I prefer not to have a boastful, colorful, untrustworthy, unqualified clown of a person, representing the face of the United States to the rest of the world. Just think of the mess he could make for the foreseeable future, and beyond, if there, indeed, might be a future in our future, as a nation, and as living, breathing, individuals. This is not a Reality Show. It is Real Life. The position requires a sensible, qualified, Real Person, not a bully who covers up his ineptitude with B.S, misdirection, innuendos, untruths, fantasies and wishful thinking. 2015 Website Logo.

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