GaryTalk Is The Official Website Of Gary Morgan is the Official Site of Gary W. MorganGARYTALK.COM (11/12/2015) – We sure do appreciate the continued patience you and other visitors to are displaying during our rebuild. A few words about the founder of this website: Gary W. Morgan is a semi-retired over-the-air radio broadcaster and newspaper person, who was involved in both news, entertainment and advertising from 1967-2000. This website is designed to share some of the work he has done in the past and some of the current projects he has been working on during the decade and a half since retiring from the broadcast radio and printed newspaper part of his working life.

When the turn of the century rolled around, Gary took a brief period of time away from gathering news and working on the radio to actively being a small part of the political world that other news reporters followed in their stories. Gary ran, unsuccessfully, for a Wisconsin State Assembly seat. After that, Gary returned to broadcasting for a couple of years before turning to the internet for another series of chapters in his life long career.

Moving forward a couple of years, Gary now writes and edits news for an independent online news publication, not affiliated with state government, called (, programs the music on GreatGold Classic Hit Oldies Internet Radio (which can be accessed at,,, and In his spare time, Gary builds and maintains several other websites, (see,,,,, and a few others).

Even though he is officially retired, Gary likes to refer to his years after the turn of the century as his semi-retirement years. That’s because he is somewhat concerned about becoming non-challenged, withering away, drying up and blowing away in the wind. So, he keeps busy, occupying his mind and fingers with the kinds of significant daily challenges he experiences with the sometimes, intricacies, of what he refers to as his internet hobby.

Gary gains a large degree of satisfaction from the activities he now takes part in, creating and maintaining sites, providing internet content, writing and editing news and information, and programming and presenting classic hit oldies music for listeners throughout the world.


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GABBYGARY is Gary W. Morgan, a semi-retired journalist, radio news anchor, air personality, and newspaper editor-reporter. Gary's radio and newspaper career took place from the mid-1960s through the end of the 20th Century. He resigned from his news anchor job in 2000 to run for a State Assembly seat. After losing the primary, Gary began the Internet part of his career in 2001. These days, Gary writes and edits news and information content for,,,, TheTopNews.Net and a few others. Gary also creates graphic images seen at various domain name locations, and designs and builds websites. In his spare time, he programs and presents a Classic Hits Mix of Classic Rock and Pop Oldies on an internet radio station called The station can be accessed online at,, and in many major directories and popular Mobile Apps. See GABBYGARY in the top of page menu for more details.