GARYWORDS: Fried Chicken Can Get Awfully Complicated

GaryWords on (11/15/2015) – Yes, the boy seems to like fried chicken so much that he can’t think of anything else (see accompanying illustration). Just a minute, I’ll get to that, but, first: Even though we have yet to finish the upgrade, I feel compelled to write about this experience and make it the first, new, 2015, GaryWords subject at the rebuild.

This happened today, when I went to my personal account on Facebook. Little did I know the incident would start me off on the road to sharing this with you, and writing more, here, instead of simply Sharing something that caught my eye to my Facebook Friends.

The Boy Likes Fried Chicken, But, It's Complicated.boy-likes-friend-chicken_850x624To accompany the typed note in the illustration, I wrote to my FB Friends: “With all of the privacy protection that Facebook and individual members exercise these days you might not be able to see this. I hope you are able to see it, because it brought a smile to my lips and a twinkle to my eyes and I hope it does that for you, too.”

After I posted the Facebook Status with the Shared, typed note, illustration, I re-read the Share, more carefully this time. I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before, which made me write a follow up comment under the illustration to explain to Facebook Friends who might see my FB post:

“This was shared by someone else who is not my Facebook Friend, but a friend of one of my Facebook Friends. Anyway, that’s how it came to be an attention getter for me. I didn’t notice until later that it was seen on the Right Wing News account on Facebook. I’m sorry to say, I don’t agree with some of the other things posted there, but this was funny, and, not really political.

I’m more of a No More Hate, Let’s All Get Along, kind of person, and do not want anyone to think I’m pushing a Right Wing point of view. Just because they’re called the “Right’ wing, only means the elected Republicans sit on the right side of the room in Congress. Sitting on the “Right” doesn’t mean they are always “correct”, as some people mistakenly seem to think.”

This young person, apparently, simply likes fried chicken so much that he thinks about everything in life in terms of eating fried chicken and how delicious it seems to him, to the exclusion of how others think about the same issue. He doesn’t seem to realize that there is more than one side, just as there is always more than one side of every story. And, so on.

Taking that a step further, one political side does not have all the answers. The youth will be wise to learn, compromise, will get more fried chicken on the table, and, in his/her stomach, so to speak, gaining more points with teachers in the long run. Some of the politicians in Washington, D.C., who we elected to go there to get things done, would also be wise to do a little schooling on this.

There’s much more that can be said, and, I’ll probably jot them down here in the future, but, for now, let’s just say, life can be very complicated. The trick is, to not jump to conclusions before the eggs are hatched.

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