You Are Welcome To Visit Anytime is the Official Site of Gary W. MorganGARYTALK.COM (11/11/2015) – You are welcome to visit anytime. This website features Written and Spoken Words of Gary W. Morgan and recorded Conversations with Friends and Newsmakers. Gary W. Morgan is a semi-retired communications industry, radio personality, newspaper reporter, news anchor, music director, commercial continuity director, program director, radio station manager, newspaper reporter, photographer and editor, and, most recently, involved in producing website graphics, logos and advertising, and creating, designing and maintaining internet websites, as well as programming and presenting music for an internet radio station.

During the course of his career, Gary has covered several murder trials, and held over-the-air interviews with hundreds of authors, politicians, entertainers and other newsmakers. He has also written thousands of news stories, commentary and observations for newspapers, radio broadcasts and internet websites. He does all of that to a lesser extent these days, on the internet. His ongoing internet activity keeps his semi-retired body moving and sparks his productive mind, which enables him to be a continuing, contributing, meaningful part of society.

The website,, reflects upon Gary’s experience and output as a journalist and personality since his career started in the mid-1960s. is also on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s an easy link to go to our Twitter Page and to our page on Facebook.

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GABBYGARY is Gary W. Morgan, a semi-retired journalist, radio news anchor, air personality, and newspaper reporter. During his career his duties included music and program director, commercial specialist, radio news director and newspaper editor, photographer, radio ad salesperson, and print ad layout, composition and design person. Gary's radio and newspaper career took place from the mid-1960s through the end of the 20th Century. He began the Internet part of his career in 2001, following an unsuccessful 2000 primary campaign to represent people in the state capitol. These days, Gary writes and edits news and information content for,,,, and a few others. Gary also creates graphic images seen on various websites, designs and builds websites, and, programs and presents a Classic Hits Mix of Classic Rock and Pop Oldies on an internet radio station called The station can be accessed online at and in many major directories and popular Mobile Apps.