This President Continues To Be An Embarrassment.

GARYWORDS by The Real GabbyGary – I’m sorry, but, any truly conscientious person who has been paying close attention to the daily, real news coming out of Washington, D.C., the home of the United States Congress, White House and various federal agencies, should already understand why the Impeachment Inquiry in the House of Representatives is taking place. However, some comments made by Facebook Friends, indicate this is not the case.

Gary W. Morgan

I’ve been resisting commenting on President Donald J. Trump’s lack of satisfactory performance in the White House since way back, and have, for the most part, held my tongue, hoping beyond hope that Trump would someday show the kind of stuff that one could call, “Presidential”, but, it hasn’t happened, yet.

I keep listening to the voices of the everyday people, as well as the talking heads on tv (some of whom do know what they’re talking about), and other commentators on TV, radio, and newspapers, from the left, right, and in-between, some of whom are highly entertaining and enlightening. However, there’s much more to pay attention to than the opinions of others when considering whether this man deserves to be President.

Studying the issue carefully, and looking at it completely, what the first 1000 days occupation of the White House by Donald Trump has amounted to, is a resulting heavy sadness for the people of the United States and the World. Following the Real News, daily, instead of just The Talkers, since Trump was sworn in, one can empathetically see and feel a big disappointment and huge embarrassment over this man’s performance in one of the most important positions in our government.

Things have continued to get out of hand in our country, our government, and to some extent, the rest of the world, due in large part to the person in the Oval Office, as well as the seemingly cult-like Trump Lovers who charge his batteries with their encouragement, and the confusing nature of what is real and what is “fake” in the news of every day and night since Trump has taken office.

Major confusion seems to reign supreme in Trump World, fueled by his penchant to lie, then tell more lies, to cover up the untruthfulness. According to The Washington Post, President Trump has made more than 13,400 false or misleading claims.

Well past the 1000 days of Trump being in office, a person on Facebook recently still referred to our current President as our “President-elect” when entering a comment. The correct definition states that “President-elect” is a person who has been elected president but has not yet taken up office. Trump was sworn in on January 20, 2017, and moved into the White House. So, it’s a fact. He is, fully, our President. Here lies the major part of the scenario that requires a solution.

Based on his decisions, initiatives, and undertakings during the first 1000 days in office, which ended October 16, 2019, President Trump was and still is a huge disappointment for this country as a whole and the world. This President continues to be an embarrassment to the majority of U.S. citizens, as well as government leaders and citizens throughout the globe. The necessity of the Impeachment Inquiry is due to his disregard for U.S. laws, the Constitution, itself, normal, traditional protocol, and common sense.

Pres. Donald J. Trump

The circumstances Trump, himself, has created, make the Impeachment Inquiry, proper and a completely Constitutional endeavor. Democrats are doing their job because the current President has not been performing his job properly, allegedly verging on unlawful, unConstitutional procedures. Further, to protect the United States Constitution and the American Democratic Republic, elected Republicans should be assisting in the Impeachment Inquiry process, not hampering its progress.

One would think, even those who voted Trump into office, would be hard-pressed to continue supporting his Presidency, simply based on his actual performance in the job entrusted to him. If Trump voters would be following real news by the real news media, not propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, and the untruthful, distorted view of this Presidency, by the President, himself, and misguided talking heads, any truly patriotic voter should be able to see, perhaps, a well-meaning mistake should be rectified to save this country and our way of life.

It would seem, most United States citizens agree with me. As of this writing, The Rasmussen Reports’ Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows a majority, 54 percent, of likely voters disapprove of President Trump’s performance in office, while only 43 percent approve. The poll further reports that 45 percent of Americans “strongly” disapprove of Trump’s job performance, while only 32 percent “strongly” approve.

That recent poll (Rasmussen) seems to indicate, even those who have whole-heartedly supported Trump, enough to vote for him in 2016, are likely often embarrassed by his performance in office since he took office as well. The question is, how long will “voter pride” allow the minority who still support him to continue doing so, before realizing an error in judgment was made at the ballot boxes of America and needs to be readjusted before more illegal, unconstitutional Trump White House maneuvers and unfortunate decisions flow from this Oval Office.

Judging from President Trump’s past performance, leaving things as they are, could likely lead to a catastrophy of “huge” proportions, and even larger misgivings for the majority of the country, as well as for those who actually put him in office in the first place with their vote. When generations to come read about U.S. History and the Trump Era, will they wonder, as the late Congressman Elijah Cummings asked, “What did we do, to help make sure we kept our democracy intact? Did we stand on the sidelines and say nothing?”

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