Will Donald Trump Finally Be The President We Hoped For?

Gary W. Morgan (GabbyGary)

GARYWORDS – As if things weren’t bad enough following 3 and a half years of Donald J. Trump occupying the White House in Washington, D.C., the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic became another headache when it swiftly became a “pandemic” after the virus spread throughout the world and came to the shores of the United States. It came by ship and planes filled with thousands of people who picked up the virus during their travels to other countries where unknowingly they were exposed to the highly contagious monster that invades the bodies of those susceptible. It didn’t take long for things to become even weirder, to say the least.

That weirdness, is due partly to the confusion, at first, for some in this country, who wondered about whether it was just another “hoax” that the “Democrats” have created, for whatever reason, to discredit Trump’s occupancy of the White House, in some way. In other words, after all, the President of the United States of America said that’s what it was, so, his followers, who voted for him, thought, “yes, that’s it, another plot to make Trump look bad”.

Of course, more than half of the people in this country, who were following the real news and rely heavily on real, reality (not the kind of fake reality the head of this Administration daily tries to make you believe) suspected we were likely heading into some even harder days ahead. We thought that,  because Trump had proven time after time, for days, weeks, months, and years before, since he was elected and sworn into office, that he is not trustworthy, messes up and has been a bitter disappointment. Because of his Trumpisms, we suspected he would squander what could be his finest hour, and instead continue to utter falsehoods, followed by lies and untruths, instead of rising to the occasion.

Meanwhile, some people, Trump followers, or not, thought they would continue on with their vacation plans. After all, Trump, who has uttered more than 16,000, documented, lies, said it was okay to go about our lives as if nothing unusual was happening in the world and in our backyards. People, young and old went to Florida for Spring Break and other warmer locations and climates, bringing back home additional cases of the illness the COVID-19 virus causes within our individual bodies, the illness that some of us cannot fight off, and, we, and our loved ones, die.

Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the USA.

Now that the numbers of the infected, the sick, and the dead, have mounted to unbelievable, constantly climbing numbers, our current president has seemingly changed his attitude, words and demeanor. It’s almost as if he really is believing the doctors and health professionals do speak the truth and, perhaps, it’s okay to tell people, the doctors are right, and, he knew it all along. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

I don’t want to go too far into why Trump is a terrible president, probably the worst we have ever had in the history of the United States. However, I want to point out that those of us who believe he is terrible, do so, not because we didn’t vote for him, but because he is such a failure. He disappoints those of us who expect more of their president than we ever get from Trump…..ever! He has proven, daily, and often hour by hour and minute by minute of every day, that he is totally incompetent and inept. Period.

Hopefully, even though he has been such a disaster, there are parts of us who hope he will rise to this occasion, the highly contagious, and often deadly, COVID-19 virus challenge, which has presented itself to people, young and old, Trump supporters and non-supporters, alike. Did you notice, it didn’t take Trump long to see that Vice President Mike Pence was getting way too much attention, press, and valuable praise from those who critique those in the political world.

Was that pure vanity, when he decided to jump in to head up the Task Force Reports or perhaps he hasn’t stepped into the spotlight simply to bask in the affection, but to actually become the wise man who, if he were really that, would become the man for the job? Could he be, finally, ready to do what he was elected to do? It’s time to be a real President of the United States.

How President Trump handles himself, in front of the cameras, is sometimes showing positive signs to us, but, what he does behind the scenes, when the cameras are not on, is the other half of the battle. Will he or won’t he be able to be the President all of us need now, in this time of unusual circumstance.

We need him to be thoughtfully listening to the advice of knowledgeable, likewise thoughtful professional, experienced medical, political, and business leaders. Can he allow himself to be humble enough to understand that it’s not the feeling in his gut that’s important. What he does and how he does it will continue to affect us all, now and into the future, Trump supporters and the majority of the country who did not vote for him, as well. For, we are, indeed, all in this together.

We have our fingers crossed, as should we all.

GaryWords by GabbyGary at Garytalk.com

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